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TUBLOCK Medical Walking Shoes - 韓國醫療等級走路鞋


** Features of T-Line of Tublock *
1. Vegetable Tanned Leather
2. MVTR Insole (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate)
3. Multiple Flooring Materials for Shock Absorption
4. Dual Foaming all in one Midsole
5. Internal Midsole, External Midsole & Outsole
 +  Solid bottom of outsole, inspired from horseshoes leads straight walking

Health Function Shoes certified by Patent
:Shoes patented by Vapor-permeability, ventilatio in-sole : A Patent on a new device # 20-0410566
 Multiple Flooring patents License : Korea Patent # 10-0788255
 All in one Shock Absorber System Patented Shoes applied by Orthotics principle Korea Patent # 10-2008-009557




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