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Shoetherapy是一家生產生物可降解鞋的生產商。 1994年投入運營的Shoetherapy的目標是開發出舒適而且時尚新潮的鞋產品。為此,公司在研發和員工方面給予了巨額投入以期生產出頂尖品質的鞋類產品。例如產品中有獨特的構造(堅持手工打造)、細膩平滑的皮革(上表面和襯裡)、帶空氣循環的鞋墊、舒適技術(技術機密)等等。公司產品更因其優質舒適和經久耐用而獲得了世界多國市場的青睞。


巴西製造的Shoetherapy品牌鞋現已出口到世界54個國家。公司已經獲得全球各大鞋​​類展會的巨大關注,如意大利的MICAM、德國的GDS和英國的MODA FOOTWEAR。公司產品的風格和特質贏得了展會的讚揚和稱頌。


The Sapatoterapia is a very concerned about environmental issues and could not help but develop a distinctive and comfortable shoes . The environmentally friendly , the company has other actions in addition to biodegradable footwear , such as:


* Reforestation Project : A Sapatoterapia reforested riparian areas of small farmers , reaching a tree a day for 12 years , and aims trees in 17 years to reach the milestone of one tree per day throughout its existence . Besides the supply of seedlings , the company helped with the planting and fertilization . Project born in a conversation with the promoter of the environment , Dr. Fernando de Andrade Martins .


* Awareness individual to collection with the participation of all employees : This awareness is divided into sectors ,

- Administration : Each person is responsible for their trash . All have a container deposit where paper, plastic , metals and trash.

- Production : All in deposit collectors divided into paper, plastic , organic waste , metal and glass .

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